I love the outdoors life that Cornwall has to offer,  yoga has become fundamental to my enjoyment of this beautiful landscape.

I teach a style of Hatha yoga which is inspired by Anusara yoga. Undergoing intense trainings with the UK’s leading Anusara teacher Bridget Woods-Kramer, teacher training with the founder of Anusara John Friend and phylosophy with Carlos Pomeda. Anusara translates to ‘ flowing with grace’ A heartfelt practice always recognizing that innate goodness within, encouraging students to shine bright from inside out.

Yoga is where we experience the union of mind, body and spirit: it is exercise for both the body and the soul, where it is possible to find strength, calm and an awareness of new found positivity in our busy world. In my own life, yoga has provided an endless source of inspiration, through 16 years of practice and teaching , helps me to lead a more harmonious life. I began teaching to spread the love and to help others feel the power of yoga, and to begin their own journeys in to this wonderful practice and lifestyle. 

The yoga asanas/poses improve flexibility, strengthens and tones the body and helps us to change postural habits of a lifetime, which if ignored can create imbalance on the body. When practiced often, our practice helps to calm and quiten the mind and to lead a more positive and harmonious life.

I like to think of yoga as servicing your mind and body, and do hope that you will join us to find out exactly what I mean.