“I have tried various yoga classes and although Kathryn’s class isn’t the closest to where I live, it really is worth the extra miles, it just doesn’t compare…! She is a very inspirational teacher and truly believes in yoga and its benefits. Regularly varying the routines and adding new poses to keep things interesting. There is a very respectful and positive atmosphere in all her classes and I always look forward to them and definately feel much happier afterwards…!” Lucie


“I wholeheartedly recommend Kathryn’s yoga classes.  I have been to several different yoga classes and all teachers have their own style.  Kathryn’s approach is truly holistic creating positive sense of well-being within those who attend practice.  She elegantly creates a calm and inclusive space where each member of the group regardless of their ability can develop their sense of presence, flexibility, core strength and balance (of mind and body).  The class is varied and adaptable for all and I always leave feeling uplifted.” Lizzi